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Beneath the bustle and violence of Miami, true evil stirs...

The year is 1996.

A shroud of chilling despair cloaks the nights, and the days are filled with an unseen tension. The whole world is gripped in the clutches of barely repressed primal fear. A cult gathers round a grotesque idol, coldly repeating chants foreign to the human tongue.

Who will stop their horrific summons?


The Miami Horror is a stand-alone mod of Hotline Miami by Dennaton Games.

Carefully rebuilt to match up to the lightning fast decision making and risk taking of 2015's Hotline Miami 2, The Miami Horror expands upon the mechanics and features of the Hotline Miami series with 6+ unique character playstyles, numerous mechanical overhauls, new and expanded enemy types, and more than 13 brand new levels of ultra-violent mayhem. All of these elements are brought together to present a fresh challenge to Hotline Miami fans, new or old.


  • 6+ unique character styles to master
  • An incredible and varied soundtrack of more than 40 tracks by more than two dozen artists
  • New combo-oriented unlocks and abilities, push yourself to earn a variety of character-specific rewards by earning larger and larger combos
  • 20+ new weapons, all with unique features and mechanics
  • Overhauled enemy types, including re-balanced and expanded Fats, Dodgers, Hiders, and more
  • 10+ new game-changing enemy types, specifically designed to threaten and challenge the player in never before seen ways
  • A full length campaign of more than 13 carefully designed levels, full of secrets, surprises, and NG+
  • Countless mechanical and quality of life changes
  • In-engine level editor built from the ground up for level creators, by level creators
StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
AuthorsDanny Judas, YossarianAssyrian
Made withAseprite, GameMaker: Studio
TagsHorror, hotline-miami, Top-Down, Top down shooter
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesGerman, English, Spanish; Castilian, Korean, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


The Stuff of Dreams (Novella) 821 kB

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Эта игра выйдет в стим? 

Will this game be released on steam?

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Hey man any more updates on when this might be released?

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when will miami horror be released in 100 years? standing in the year 2100?

100 years might be optimistic 👀

we’re still hard at work! I may have a new blog post soon.

thanks for the answer!

How to play it

its a book

It wasn't for a good amount of time. It was a standalone hotline miami mod.

It still is a standalone, just in an unfortunately quiet phase of development.

можете ответить мне на вопрос, когда можно уже поиграть в horror miami?

Чувак, она всё еще в разработке. Думаю, как выйдет, я ещё раз тебе напишу.

how do i play it?

how do you play it im dumb

MH is currently still in development!

Quick question about editor:

Whether it will be possible to make your own sprites for MH and how it will be possible to upload your levels to the workshop.

This is ambitious, especially the "built from the ground up level editor."  I wonder if the characters are going to be compatible with all enemy factions unlike HM2 (even the military is not available for hammarin, which is kinda weird imo). 

Hope this does not end up like... you know what... but damn it's been a long time.

We are definitely aiming to have MH’s player characters be able to fight all enemies and factions in the game, with some key exceptions. As of right now, I have put in a lot of work to ensure that it is relatively easy to add in new weapons and enemies into the roster of usable entities for a character/faction. It’s proven very valuable to our level design team to have as much freedom as we have time implement.

And thank you for the kind words, I hope that we will be successful as well. Regardless of whatever happens with this project, our hard work will not go to waste!

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Thank you for your response! Sorry it has been a while, but also will we be able to set mouse sensitivity and rebind keys like we could do in HM2?

I know the question is pretty stupid, but will it be possible to choose the skin color from enemies or will it be random.

And one more question, will there be other factions in the MH storyline? like Colombians or Russian.

As of a couple days ago, our editor now has the capability to change pallets for individual enemies. This is currently done through the text files that save the levels, but a part of the current work I’m doing will be totally overhauling editor object editing so that you can change whatever detail you want about an enemy through the gui.

There are more than one faction which players will be able to fight in MH, yes. But what the other factions are is a spoiler!

will be a cutscene editor in the wrong editor + campaigns?

A campaign & cutscene editor are certainly planned & absolutely necessary features both for MH and The Wrong Editor.

Guys, imagine the hunter saga in the miami horror editor! It will definitely be mind-blowing!

Danny, after the release of Miami Horror, will you still create mods or not?

As much as I love Hotline Miami, I don’t think I have any interest in making more fan content after MH is completed.

danny could you tell me how to download the miami horror?

Danny! I recently saw your video with gameplay for Pardo and I want to ask if it will be possible in the editor to make it so that there are several characters on different floors on the same level, like on the level of death wish from HM2. 

Will there be a moment with a change of characters in the plot of MH. As for me, it would be cool somewhere at the end of the game, when all the characters gather in one place and arrange an action!

Good luck Danny, I'm looking forward to the Miami Horror.

Hi Danny, when will The Miami Horror be released?

Hi Danny! I have a quiestion about wrong editor,  whether it will have effects from HM 2, like camera from soldier level`s or son lsd filter. If so, can they be included in editor without using notepad? 

Camera borders are included and are more customizable than in Hotline 2. The Son's LSD Filter is a different story entirely and probably won't make the cut for whatever version of the editor I release alongside The Miami Horror.


Как скачать скажите please!

Модификация находится в разработке, даты не знаю, кстати тут даже была демо версия мода


How can I download it ? I've seen some videos on Youtube and it looks great !

are there going to be original characters in the editor like Hammer?

are the HLM2 characters playable in the editor?


If a version of the editor releases alongside MH, then it will feature only the characters and enemies from MH. A later, standalone, release of the editor would feature Hotline 1/2 content.

Mod is for Hotline miami 1 or Hotline miami 2?

Hotline Miami 1

Awesome!But why miami "HORROR"?

It's a play on H. P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror".

Looks really good. Looking forward for more 

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This game is cool and has a good intrigue. These mods of Hotline Miami are so great when you finish the 2 games, if people are doing some stories with the same gameplay, that's wonderful !! By the way, the menu sound is beautiful :D

It's really promising, However...

Where's the 80's/90's Music/Aesthetics (The Neon Void is almost gone)

(Also some bugs here and there, but since it is a demo, It's okay.)

I think you should improve in the visuals/music, I think this might be the best HM-Related content in years!



I think you're missing the point. This game has a completely different aesthetic style based more around horror and halloween. HLM already did the 80s aesthetic, this is something completely new.

nice game please i need a continuation


This is the true meaning of quality.

its good plz keep making the game

Good ...

please put Dance With The Dead in this gam, i play the demo it's cool and the first song is mmmmh, Thank for create this mod