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Awesome!But why miami "HORROR"?

It's a play on H. P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror".

Looks really good. Looking forward for more 

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This game is cool and has a good intrigue. These mods of Hotline Miami are so great when you finish the 2 games, if people are doing some stories with the same gameplay, that's wonderful !! By the way, the menu sound is beautiful :D

It's really promising, However...

Where's the 80's/90's Music/Aesthetics (The Neon Void is almost gone)

(Also some bugs here and there, but since it is a demo, It's okay.)

I think you should improve in the visuals/music, I think this might be the best HM-Related content in years!



I think you're missing the point. This game has a completely different aesthetic style based more around horror and halloween. HLM already did the 80s aesthetic, this is something completely new.

nice game please i need a continuation


This is the true meaning of quality.

its good plz keep making the game

Good ...

please put Dance With The Dead in this gam, i play the demo it's cool and the first song is mmmmh, Thank for create this mod